Written and Directed by Matt Ross

"Seen only as fragments in the secret world of hotel rooms, a long-term affair becomes perhaps the most significant relationship of a couple’s lives."

The film opens in NYC at the Village East Cinema on Friday November 16th at 8pm! Get your tickets here!

In this sexy, surprising romance, a man and a woman meet each other in a hotel while they are both traveling on business. Flirtation leads to a feverish night of sex that both find hard to forget. Although she’s married, and he has a girlfriend, their intense attraction turns a seemingly casual one-night stand into a continual series of passionate hotel trysts, uniting them in a profound and unconventional relationship.

Unfolding as a collage of moments—some sexy, some innocent, some profound, some silly—28 HOTEL ROOMS is an intimate portrait of an affair in which two people wrestle with the intoxication of sex and the confusion of loving more than one person.

28 Hotel Rooms 28 Hotel Rooms 28 Hotel Rooms 28 Hotel Rooms

What They're Saying

Matt Ross photo by Lacey Terrell
Photo by Lacey Terrell


CAST: Chris Messina, Marin Ireland

PRODUCERS: Lynette Howell, Louise Runge, Samantha Housman

EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS: Stefan Nowicki, Joey Carey, Alex Sagalchik, Chris Messina, Andrew Meieran

CO-PRODUCER: Crystal Powell 


EDITOR: Joseph Krings 

MUSIC: Fall on Your Sword, Kirk Ross